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Want your business to appear professional? Don’t use a free email service.

Feb 10, 2014 posted in Publicity,

One thing that I’ve noticed recently is that more and more businesses are trying to set up an online presence. This can be as simple as having a one page website with a few important details, or a huge site with ecommerce functionality. Some don’t even want a website at all, choosing to offer an email address for communication along with the usual phone numbers and addresses—and it’s this trend that really needs looking at.

Free email services, such as Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo may appear to offer it all. Simple interfaces, the ability to check your email wherever you are, very little setting up—they can seem very appealing. However, if you then choose to conduct your business using one of these email addresses and get it emblazoned across your van or stationery, the end result is highly unprofessional.

It’s not just a question of taste, either. By using a free email address, for example, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), your business appears less legitimate and lacking in credibility. Some hyper-effective spam filters may even stop your emails from reaching their destination. All of this will have a serious effect on your brand.

Thankfully, these pitfalls can be avoided by simply having a registered domain and some email addresses. Hornet Web Solutions can provide you with everything cheaply and easily. Just tell us the domain (or domains) you would like, and the email addresses you need, and it can all be set up quickly and easily. So instead of .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), you can tell everyone to use .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)—which not only looks more professional, it also includes your website address, which is great for branding.

Here are some advantages of having a properly branded business address:

  • More professional: Free email addresses can make your business look less credible, and less well established.
  • Better branding: Having a domain name for your business means that each time you send an email, people will see your web address and your company name. Marketing for free.
  • Ease of use: Once your email application has been set up (which we are happy to help with), even your personal email can be forwarded to your business address. This means you only need to look in one place for all of your email.

So there we go. If you want a simple way to improve credibility, branding and professionalism of your business, just ask Hornet Web solutions about registering a domain today.